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Steele Rudd

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October 29, 2020
Steele Rudd, the well known author of “On Our Selection” and by progression the creator of “Dad and Dave” did all his writing in this district South of Towwoomba. In fact at the opposite side of the hill where we are house sitting is Steele Rudd Park, a reconstruction of some of the buildings and life that the young Arthur Hoey Davis experienced on the family “Selection”. The nearby settlement of Emu Creek is still there and the School still flourishes but currently the Hotel is closed and for sale, no Store or other commercial operation survives.

In the opposite direction to our house sit is the village of Nobby and the now famous “Rudd’s Pub”, the Nobby Hotel, currently owned by our neighbouring farmer. This is where, it’s said, young Arthur did much of his writing. We had a great lunch in the pub which also has a free, and very popular, RV stop opposite.

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