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Litchfield National Park – Part 5 – Greenant Creek and Tjaetaba Falls

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June 2-10, 2021

Yet another waterfall and walking trail, Greenant Creek flows down from the Tjaetaba Falls which have at their top a swimming hole, a fairly easy trail takes you to the very top and through a variety of both Savannah Woodland and Monsoon Forest.

These images are the walk to the Falls and includes Green Tree Ants building their nest in a leaf. The ants themselves are not aggressive and you can usually gently brush them off your skin but Keith can attest to the fact that you do not want to upset them! They spray Formic Acid when aroused and the mark on my arm took 24 hours to appear and sting but almost a week to disappear, looking like a small burn – I actually accidentally squashed one that was on my arm when I put my arm on the chair armrest.


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